• Now is the time to plant out the courgettes, marrow and squash previously sown under protection.

  • Mulch strawberry plants to keep their fruits dry.

  • Still time to sow basil, coriander, dill, parsley, french & runner beans, florence fennel, lettuce & salad leaves, raddish and kohl rabi.

  • Hoe, weed and mulch crops, water in sustained dry periods.

  • Watch out for pests & diseases. Attempt to keep cabbage butterflies off all brassicas by growing them under nets.

  • Harvest any crops that are ready.

  • Earth up potatoes as they push through the soil to prevent green potatoes.

  • Support tomatoes as they grow and pinch out the tiny stems that start to grow in between leaf joints. Feed with high potash feed as the yellow flowers form.

  • Stop cucumbers after 5 - 6 leaves, keep an eye out for mildew on their leaves.

  • Pinch out the tops of broad beans when in full flower to prevent black fly. Watch out for that as it soon takes over the crop and weakens the plants.

  • Remove the flowering shoots from rhubarb.

Catherine Payne