In Season - Summer



Pictured here are hardy perennials, Potentilla (above), Poppy, Foxglove, Lupin & Leucanthemum.  All easy to grow and look after.

I try very hard to stock my nursery with plants that thrive in the conditions relative to Derbyshire. The nursery is sited at 750 feet so wind is an important element to take in to consideration but we also have to be aware of climate change. The varieties that appear on my website are tried and tested and many have awards of garden merit. The extreme dry conditions of 2018 have seen an increase in herb sales due to their adaptability, many being of Mediterranean origin has seen them thrive during these dry months and the same can be said of grasses which I have introduced in to my plant range. Recent sales have led with emphasis on culinary and health criteria, ie, herbs and vibrant colours for well-being.

June - Warmer days and longer nights.  summer is the best season for perennial favourites such as Achillea, agapanthus, aquilegia, astilbe, astrantia, campanula, cimicifuga, delphinium, dianthus, echinops, eryngium, foxglove, geranium, geum, hosta, iris, Jacob's ladder, lupin, leucanthemum, lychnis monarda, nepeta, poppy, penstemon, phlox, potentilla, thalictrum, veronica & viola.


petunia striped june 2018.jpg

Petunias (above pictures) are very popular summer bedding plants, adding a riot of colour to pots, containers, hanging baskets and garden borders, they flower profusely throughout the summer until the first severe frosts.  

Pictured above are Lychnis, Lupin, Foxglove, Geum, Dianthus & Jacob's Ladder.  Deadhead regularly to prolong the flowering period & to encourage more flowers. For general plant health water on a weekly basis with a high potash feed such as liquid tomato fertilizer.


Midsummer is here and July is a riot of colour. Perennials are in full flower and buzzing with pollinating bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.  Hardy and half hardy summer bedding annuals in pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and in borders put on a stunning show of colour.

Pictured below are perennials flowering all summer long.  In order of appearance - Evening primrose, Salvia, Eryngium, Echinacea, Salvia, Penstemon Aster & Monada.




High summer and holidays.  August links summer to autumn.  For those who don't go away on holiday there are still many flowering plants to enjoy.  Helenium, Crocosmia, Fuchsia, Liatris, Echinops, Rudbeckia & Dahlia are all at their best.  Summer bedding plants are still looking good and with regular dead heading and feeding will continue to flower well in to the autumn.

dahlia burgendy.jpg