In Season - Spring

Warmer weather brings new growth and vegetation.  The happiest of times to see the garden become alive again and for any gardener it is the busiest of times.  Brighter and longer days see daffodils, early tulips and spring flowering perennials produce flowers even in severe weather.


Feature 1

March, April and May are the spring months with May being the loveliest and best of them all.  The true magic of this season is all around and the garden and countryside burst into green freshness followed by a riot of colour.  May is the month when wild flowers such as forget-me-nots, honesty and Aquilegia fill the borders, all full of nectar for the beneficial pollinating insects.


Feature 2

Aquilegia is a cottage garden favourite, also known as columbine and granny's bonnet, the flowers are spurred and come in many colours.  It self seeds prolifically and will naturalise and hybridise around the garden, often giving rise to new hybrids, some wonderful and some peculiar.


Feature 3

Geum or commonly known as Avens are truly wonderful and dependable border perennials, flowering happily for months on end if they are regularly deadheaded and fed with tomato feed.  They are colourful, cheerful plants and very easy to grow in sun or partial shade, preferring a damp soil but cope well with dry soils.