Clematis.  Also known as Virgin's bower, Traveller's joy & Old man's beard.  There are over 300 species so it is possible to have flowers throughout the year, many have spectacular flowers followed by decorative seed heads.  They grow in good, moist soil to provide their roots with the coolness they desire, the flowers are happy in the sun.   


Jasminum.  Also known as Jasmine.  These lovely scented climbers require a sunny & sheltered site in any reasonable soil.  There are varieties for summer & winter.  They can reach heights of 5 m and are fully hardy to half hardy.


Lonicera.  Also known as Honeysuckle.  Popular climbers some of which are highly scented, most are fully hardy, they flower over long periods and are happy in sun or partial shade in a fertile, moist soil.


Wisteria.  Stunning climbers with beautiful scented flowers during April, May & June.  They are available in varying shades of white, blue, purple & pink.  Wonderful plants to cover walls, pergolas & trellis.  They require full sun in any good garden soil.