About Me


My early life was spent on the family farm, any time not spent looking after the livestock was spent with my Grandparents and it is they who made the early impressions upon me concerning growing vegetables and flowers.  Gran was always preparing food and cooking, much of that food was home grown produce and berries picked from the hedgerows and the moor, therefore a good supply of jams, pickles and fruit pies!  I also remember picking the garden mint and watching her prepare the mint sauce.

Throughout my adult working life I have not lost my love for growing vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants.  In 1998 I studied for the RHS General Certificate in Horticulture and sat the examination at Broomfield Collage, gaining a  pass with ‘credit’  A decade later an unforeseen heart illness to my long term partner, John, forced a change in our lives and work.  Diet became of paramount importance. 

My gardening knowledge came to the rescue.  Within a short period of time we created a substantial vegetable and herb garden and with the surplus we started a Vegetable Box scheme.  We also supplied two Delicatessens, Pubs, and a Florist with our own herbs.  Successful sales allowed further expansion with our infrastructure, a polytunnel and a triple glazed polycarbonate building were erected and this investment led to our inclusion in local Farmers Markets from 2010.   

I studied the health benefits of herbs and found them fascinating, consequently they feature heavily in our diet, they add flavour and aromas to cooking as well as their healing qualities.  I am enthusiastic and passionate about herbs and I would like to think my customers agree!