Willowbrook Stables Project

We purchased Willowbrook Stables in 2016 - a smallholding comprising of land and a range of pretty stables where our sheep & lambs are housed.  We have carried out considerable improvements since purchase, however it's by no means a small project, a polytunnel and replacement barn have been granted but it will take time as our farming & growing commitments come first.  The weather of 2018 has proved challenging for all farmers and adds a further work load.


Our flock is building nicely, we like to use a Charollais tup on our breeding ewes, even though they are a lowland breed and some say not very resilient in adverse weather, we find their progeny have the attributes we are looking for, ie, a quiet temperament and a sturdy physique.  We hope to be able to offer a ‘Willowbrook’ lamb brand to compliment my culinary herbs.  The thought of combining the two is something I am wanting to explore.



This is Vladimir, our Charollais Tup, with some of our ewes during a snowy December 2017. He was only 12 months old but he successfully sired all 18 ewes.  


 Vladimir's first lambs born April 2018, twins to Tatiana, a male called King Billy and a female called Minty.