Hardy perennial herb. Ht 45 - 60 cm, spread indefinite. Wonderful plant for pollinating insects.

Uses - Culinary, medicinal, repellent, digestive & cosmetic.  Adds flavour to potatoes, peas, carrots, used in green & fruit salads, mint sauce, mint tea, cocktails, refreshing drinks & garnish.

Varieties of Mint in stock - Apple, Basil, Berries & Cream, Black Peppermint, Chocolate Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Orange,Traditional Garden mint, Moroccan, Peppermint, Spearmint, Tashkent, Swiss, and Spanish mint.



Hardy to frost hardy evergreen shrub for a sunny and sheltered site. Ht 80 cm x 60 cm spread.

Uses - Culinary & medicinal. Companion plant. Excellent in tubs & containers. In cooking it goes with meat, casseroles, tomato dishes, fish, salad, egg dishes, vinegars and oils.

In stock - Rosemarinus officinalis.


common thyme.JPG

Hardy to frost hardy evergreen perennial for full sun. Most are low growing but all spread, becoming woody with age, best to replace every few years as flavour diminishes after 3+ years.

Uses Medicinal and culinary. Lovely in alpine gardens, pots and containers. Thyme aids digestion as it breaks down fatty foods. Excellent in meat dishes, stuffings, marinades, stews and pasta dishes.

In stock - almost sold out now, a few tabor and lemon thyme left



Hardy perennial herb, likes a sunny and sheltered spot. Flowers loved by bees and other pollinating insects.

Uses - Medicinal and culinary. Companion plant and good for tubs & containers. Strong flavour, used in stuffings, with meats especially sausages, used in oils and vinegars too.

In stock - Garden sage, blackcurrant sage, Icterina, Tricolor & purple sage.



Hardy biennial evergreen herb, grows in most rich soils. Good for container gardens.

Uses - Mainly culinary, a good source of vitamins and iron.

In stock - Curly and flat leaved



Hardy herb in well drained to dry, neutral to alkaline soil in sun.

Uses - Medicinal and culinary. Used in meat dishes, soups, stuffings, tomato dishes, pasta, flavour oils and vinegars.

In stock - almost sold out, just a few pots of marjoram left



Hardy herb that loves a sunny spot in light and well drained soil. The lovely flowers attract many beneficial pollinating insects. Do not grow fennel close to dill as they will cross pollinate.

Uses - Culinary & medicinal. The leaves are used to flavour fish, pork, chicken and barbecues. They can be eaten in salads. The stems can be used if picked young and tender, the seeds are used to flavour bread, biscuits and stuffings.

In stock - Green and bronze fennel



Fully hardy perennial herb tolerating heavy soils providing they are rich, prefers full sun but it is not a fussy herb to grow.

Uses - Culinary. Especially good with potato and egg dishes. The leaves are used to flavour soups and salads and used as a garnish too. Wonderful in omelettes and sauces.

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Borderline hardiness, doesn’t like continued minus temperatures day and night. Plant in well Uses - Culinary & medicinal. Leaves are very important in bouquet garni. Leaves are added to stocks, soups and stews.

drained soil in sun or partial shade.



Hardy stout perennial herb, grows just about anywhere but can take over so beware!

Uses - Culinary. Celery like flavour, leaves, young stems and shoots are used as vegetables, added to soups and stews. Flower buds can be added to salads and the spicy seeds can be ground and added to cooking.

In stock most of the time as it self seeds.



Fully hardy herb for moist soil in sun or partial shade. 2,000 years ago it was grown as a bee plant. It is very aromatic.

Uses - Medicinal and culinary. Used for herbal tea due to it’s calming effect. Young leaves have a lemon flavour so make a good companion for salads, soups, fish, chicken and game. Also used to flavour vinegars.

currently out of stock.



Fully hardy herb, large celery like leaves on very tall stems. Likes a deep, rich and moist soil tolerating partial shade.

Uses - Medicinal & culinary. Young fresh leaves and stalks used in soups, stews and savoury dishes. The seeds can be added to bread, biscuits and soups. The stalks can also be candied.


winter savoury.jpg

Fully hardy perennial evergreen herb. Likes a well drained soil in sun.

Uses - Medicinal & culinary. It has a pungent and peppery flavour, the leaves are used with beans, sausages, meat dishes, stews & casseroles, olives & marinades. It is good for digestion.



Very aromatic hardy deciduous perennial herb. Well drained soil in sun. In harsh winters cover the crown with a mulch of compost.

Uses - Medicinal and culinary. Leaves are used to flavour chicken, fish, omelettes, egg dishes, salad dressings, salads, potatoes, mustard and sauces. Can be put in to butter for a lovely tarragon butter.

In stock usually year round although it is dormant from December to April.


lemon verbena.JPG

Frost hardy deciduous herb, full sun and a light free draining soil. In cold areas over winter in a frost free environment.

Uses - Medicinal & culinary. Leaves are used as a herb tea, they add flavour to summer drinks, can be used in stuffings for chicken dishes and in salad dishes.

In stock - sold out for this year, will return again during late spring 2020.



This lovely fragrant herb is an annual, it cannot tolerate temperatures below 10 c. Useful as an indoor kitchen herb.

Uses - Medicinal and culinary. Leaves, seeds and oil is used. Leaves have many uses, especially in mediterranean cooking. Used to flavour tomatoes and tomato dishes, pasta sauces, soups, salads, also to flavour vegetables such as peppers, beans & aubergenes. The seeds are used to make a refreshing summer drink.

In stock from mid June - sweet basil and purple basil



Fully hardy but very invasive herb. Moist soil but loves shade.

Uses - Medicinal & culinary. Sprigs are soaked in white wine to make Alsace and also added to fruit drinks.



Fully hardy but short lived perennial, grows to 8 feet tall in rich moist soil in sun or partial shade.

Uses - Medicinal, culinary and economic. Foliage can be eaten like celery, young stalks candied for cakes & desserts. Can be added to stewed fruits, jams & marmalade.

Economic uses - oil from roots and seeds can flavour ice-creams, confectionery, cordials, vermouth, vodka & liqueurs.

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Hardy annual with very aromatic and pungent leaves. Well drained soil in full sun.

Uses - medicinal & culinary. Leaves, leafstalks and roots. Flavours soups, salads, beans & curries, roots are used in Thai cuisine. Seeds are used in curries, curry powder, pickles, pickling spices, sausages and sauces. Oils are used to flavour gin, vermouth & liqueurs.

additional herbs in stock - sweet cicely, stevia, blackcurrant sage, tangerine sage, salad burnet,