Berberis Also known as Barberry.  Easy to grow on any well drained soil in sun or partial shade. Many species have ornamental leaves and yellow flowers followed by black berries.  Birds love them.


Buddleja Also known as the Butterfly bush.  Attractive to bees & moths too.  Easy to grow in a sunny site, unfussy about soil.  It will often seed itself on dry poor ground.  Can reach 2.5 m in height.


Ceanothus.  Also known as Californian lilac.  Some are evergreen, and can reach heights of 6 m. They flower for many weeks, preferring a sunny site in well drained soil.


Cotonester.  Hardy shrub whose flowers are attracted to bees, butterflies & moths and the berries are eaten by birds.  Full sun to partial shade in a reasonably fertile & well drained soil.  


Euonymus fortunei 'Silver queen'  Evergreen shrub excellent for ground cover.  Very hardy, growing in most well drained soils, the site can be exposed or sheltered, sun or partial shade.  Height & spread 2 m x 1.5 m.


Hebe.  Also known as Veronica.  These evergreen shrubs come in all sizes and there are so many to chose from.  Not all are hardy, the larger leaved varieties are more frost tender, but they are all very easy to grow in sun or light shade, but the site must be sheltered from cold winds.  They are flowering shrubs and their flowers are very attractive to bees & other pollinating insects.

holly in the field.jpg

Ilex.  Also known as Holly.  This is a very well known evergreen shrub.  There are many garden varieties, very slow to grow but they are easy to grow, not fussy about soil or situation.  Most will have berries during the autumn and winter.  Birds love them.


Pittosporum.  These evergreen shrubs are grown for their foliage.  They must be given a warm and sheltered site and good drainage.  They are ideal for tubs & containers in a courtyard garden.


Sambucus.  Also known as Elder.  These wonderful dark leaved shrubs have fabulous dissected foliage and pale pink flowers during May & June followed by black berries in autumn, these are attractive to birds.  They will grow just about anywhere, any site, soil or situation, but to retain their black colour then full sun is preferred.  They are fully hardy and reach heights of 3 m with a 2 m spread.


Convolvulus.  Also known as Silverbush or Shrubby bindweed.  Lovely small evergreen shrub only growing to 60 cm in height.  It prefers a sunny, sheltered site in a well drained soil of chalk, sand or loam.  Good for containers and is drought tolerant.  It flowers during the spring.


Cotinus coggygria.  Also know as Smoke Bush.  Grows in most soils but does prefer to be in sun where it will reach 2. 5 m in height.  It can be grown as a specimen shrub in a large container, it has pinkish flower heads from June turning to grey, the foliage turns red in the autumn.


Fuchsia.  Wonderful evergreen or semi evergreen shrubs with tubular flowers from June until October.  During the winter the stems can be killed by severe frost but new grown appears from the base the following spring.  Some varieties can be grown as hedges.  Any moisture retentive soil in sun or partial shade.


Hydrangea.  These are very popular shrubs, not surprising as they flower profusely with large flower heads covering the shrub.  They mostly flower from June to September.  They like a rich moist soil in semi shade


Potentilla. Also known as Shrubby cinquefoil.  Very useful shrub flowering from May until September.  There are several varieties in many colours and it will grow anywhere, thriving in any soil in sun or partial shade.


Physocarpus.  Also known as Ninebark.  These lovely shrubs have stunning bronze or red foliage, deepening as the seasons progress.  They have pink flowers in the summer followed by black berries in the autumn.  Any moist soil in sun or partial shade, exposed or sheltered situation.  They can reach heights of 3 m.