• Deadhead the fading flowers of perennials such as Lupins & Delphiniums, if you also apply a soluble potash feed they may well provide a late flowering during the autumn.

  • Continue to water when the soil is very dry and be vigilant for plants in pots & containers, they dry out very quickly, if there are a lot of flower heads then feed with diluted tomato feed once a week minimum.

  • Any plants that have set seed and you like the plant, then collect the seed and store in a paper bag in a dry, cool and well ventilated place until the autumn or the following spring ready for sowing time.

  • Water hanging baskets daily and feed at least once per week.

  • Keep borders feed free if possible, try and remove the roots of perennial weeds such as dock, thistle and briars.

  • Take time to enjoy the summer flower garden, it will be rich in colour, scent, bees & butterflies.

Catherine Payne