JOBS FOR MARCH - The days are lengthening and the soil is warming.

Chit potato tubers during March for an earlier harvest and bigger yield. Egg boxes or trays are ideal for this, each tuber will have a number of ‘eyes’, the end with the most ‘eyes’ is placed upright in the tray or box.

Sow broad beans, spinach, salad leaves, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, spouting broccoli, calabrese and raddish.

Onion sets can be planted outside if the soil is not too wet or cold, form a 2 cm deep drill and space them 5 cm apart, cover with soil with their necks just above the soil surface - watch out for birds pulling them out!

Hard prune shrubs such as dogwood and willow. Prune roses by cutting out dead and diseased branches, cut back to a healthy outward facing bud leaving shoots no longer than 10 cm.

Catherine Payne